list of software that i love!There are a lot of media that you could use to store your memories. Some people choose albums
or hang pictures on wall with frames. But in digital era like nowadays, more and more people

would choose different kind of memories storage
for their pictures.

After a session with adeiRra, you could discuss with her what kind of storage that meets your needs most.
If you want something that’s timeless, easy to share throughout different kinds of generation, you could
albums or put on frames. If you want your pictures to be shared to emails, you need digital paper
with low bytes photo files so it won’t suck on your bandwidth, you might want to choose
.pdf. If you want
your pictures to be converting into video clip, you might want to choose
.avi or .mpg. file type. Or, if you want
an interactive digital album that you could casually browse on PC or a notebook, choose a
Flash media.

With these various skills on digitals, she could put your memories on anything that meets your needs,
so that the moments could and would tickle you pink in more years to come.

... So, what are you waiting for, guys? ...